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Easter breaks for families are great ….if you get them right. It’s a long weekend; you are pumped up and ready to go on the town but what happens? Shops are closed and pubs are dark. You’d think there are few choices but not so. There are lots of choices, really. Join me as I share with you my exciting plans to be one step ahead of the Easter bunny as he hops on Easter Breaks 2016.

Such were my thoughts as I read my little Parker a bedtime story. For a 100th time it’s “Little Owl’s Night” again!!….not sure why he likes hedgehogs and skunks… I no longer need the book but there’s mutiny if I don’t use it and it’s his favourite. My mind does wander to other subjects what else I could read to him, breakfast tomorrow, or my job. Tonight I am thinking about Easter Breaks for families. Like everyone else, I’d like to use this long-weekend to do something different, something special and get started early.

Easter Breaks for Families

Those of you who follow me on social media, much appreciated :), will know how I adore afternoon tea. Oh.. That refreshing scent of tea, those warm sweet smells of scones and freshly baked sandwiches and cakes, who could ever resist? This Easter Thursday, James will be joining me at the Bently Hotel near Gloucester Road, London. We are both looking forward to a champagne afternoon tea with an elegant ambiance. Do you know that feeling when you are surrounded with sparkling chandelier, excellent table settings and refreshing scent? It just feels so special, like a royalty!

I reserved Friday for the getaway; I want to spend the day just having fun with my family.
Parker keeps mentioning his grandma lately, he missed her so much. She lives on the Sandbanks Peninsula not far from the Haven Hotel…Well a girl
needs to have priorities. Great room service, well maybe I’ll venture on to the beach…. I can imagine the wind blowing on my face and just by closing my eyes I can smell the salted sea breeze. So relaxing? Refreshing too!

There will be sightseeing, swimming and probably snorkeling in the clear water of Sandbanks Beach, Poole Quay, Bournemouth Bay or even in Brown sea Island located nearby. In the afternoon we will have a ‘surprise visit’ to Parker’s favourite grandma; Nana will be delighted to see her grandson again. I think it’s interesting how different James and I are, he likes sport, going to the gym, and tennis and he’s welcome to them, whilst I much prefer pampering with sauna and body oils to ease the tired muscles and forget the daily grind. Dinner to round off the day – I could easily cope with this lifestyle. (lol….Maybe Parker will see much more of his Nana in future.)

I am not the most diligent of church goers but the Easter Vigil on Saturday night is a must for me. I like all the ceremony, the lighting of candles, first just one solitary candle lighting the dark, then slowly growing illumination as one form the other every candle is brought to life. I think it represents how one good dead can affect many.

A change of pace on Sunday for our Easter breaks for families, James is out driving whist I take care of Parker, some bonding for him and me. In the evening Dianne and I are booked up for some serious pampering at Bannatyne Spa, relaxing massage great to ease away the tension, and then some yoga and Thai Chi. Dianne is much more of a spa devotee than me, she chose this as a treat for us both. James is a bit of a petrol head, really likes his cars, watches Top Gear religiously, and on Sunday he is on a driving day in West Sussex.

I don’t really get the whole pleasure in driving but then each to his own as the old adage goes and James is into the whole supercar experiences, talks of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audis, etc. and has convinced Jack, one of his colleagues, to join him for the day. Boys and their toys…

And so it’s Monday and the end of our Easter breaks for families and maybe that’s not a bad thing as so much enjoyment is really hard work. One last celebration before the end, we are back in London early in the hope of beating the traffic, an afternoon tea at Bloomsbury Hotel, I can resist anything but temptation and who would want to resist those pastries, followed by a comedy show at the West End theater show.

Easter is worth anticipating, it marks the beginning of warm weather and summer is just around the corner…. Easter breaks 2016 will celebrate the end of dark and dreary days. You deserve an Easter Break to celebrate life and the summer days to come.

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