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Glamping Holidays UK is the new camping and the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors. Wake up each morning surrounded by nature whether it’s a shady wood or mountain top and experience nature in its original state but without the discomfort of camping.  There are many reasons why Glamping wins out over camping or a hotel stay:

Glamping Holidays UK: 6 Reasons To Go

1. A good night sleep.

Our first thought of a nights camping is hard ground beneath and an in adequate cover sheet; I like my eight hours although two year old Parker thinks otherwise, give me a proper mattress and comfortable bed but I want to do it in beautiful surroundings and wake in the morning to bird song.

2. Space.

Hotels no matter how spacious give a sense of limitation, being closed in.  With glamping this is gone.  You immediately get a feeling of space and freedom it’s great to step out to a morning breath of mountain air, listen to the birds sing, and in the background the sound of a morning cuppa on the stove.  (it does give you an appetite)
Glamping Holidays UK
3. Less Hassle.

Putting up the tent is always a challenge often leading to lively discussions (so to speak) followed by periods of silence.  Glamping holidays avoids all of this by erecting the tent for you with a choice from simple to luxurious tents. Glamping Pod of Devon, for example, has fully insulated walls and double glazed windows with full amenities. This leaves me no worries of bug bites and using nature as bathroom.

4. Power.

Dead mobiles, cold showers, and warm beer all part of the camping experience although they add nothing to the holiday experience.With glamping you enjoy modern life with hot water, fridge, and heating for cooler nights.

glamping holidays UK

5. Sociable.

Glamping holidays UK have different types of accommodation from family holiday like Easter breaks to a camping trip with friends. Great opportunity to meet new people and have fun activities together.

6. Outdoor Activities.

Glamping brings you to the center of nature where you can enjoy all the outdoor activities literally on the doorstep, no longer the need to drive miles to a beauty spot you’re already there.  In the evening sit by the camp fire (not to rub two stick together here), contemplate the night sky,  and enjoy the quiet while nature winds down for another night.

Whether you are on a family bonding or on a peaceful Easter break, getting outdoors away from the city and finding the adventure is a great invigorating experience. Get the breathtaking vacation on the most stunning glamping holidays UK  locations. Discover and diverse yourself on the wilderness that surrounds us. Happy Glamping! :).

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